No to Off-Shore assets demo in UB!


A demonstration was held in Ulaan Baatar on 31st March, to protest politician’s personal off shore assetts of at least $US 17 Billion. Social conditions are decaying in Mongolia and people have to get money from Korean loan sharks for food, while a few individuals have more wealth than the entire country. This has forced Mongolians into action, as they realize that the life blood is being sucked out of their country by their elected officials past and present. They demanded that proper investigations be conducted and the stolen money returned.

A first step would be to recall Mr S Bayar from his ridiculous appointment as ambassador to the UK, check his daughter’s off shore accounts and demand explanations for his trading in luxury mansions around the world.

According to Associated Press and the official version there were a few hundred people present in the square. Eye witness versions count well over 25,000.  No National TV was there to cover the biggest rally in Mongolia since 2008.

The atmosphere was peaceful and calm, showing the quiet determination of the people to take their country back by due process, giving no opportunity for the corrupt government to use strong-arm tactics against them.


Inappropriate Mongolian Ambassador to the UK.

monlaundThe campaign continues to get the Mongolian government to reconsider their appointment of Mr S. Bayar as Ambassador to the UK. How can he be a good representative, with an enquiry into his alleged money laundering, backed  up by considerable circumstantial and investigative evidence, on hold, plus the pending investigation into the fatal shooting of 5 peaceful demonstrators in 2008, during his tenure as Prime Minister. Four year’s diplomatic immunity might suit him very well but what good will it do Mongolia? A forward looking country doesn’t need a lame duck Ambassador to one of the leading developed nations. A petition to have him removed has gained over 1000 signatures. The Mongolian people don’t want him here, the British diplomatic community don’t need him either.

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The WCA joins with the Mongolian Laundry Movement to rid the UK of a corrupt ambassador and help to Spring Clean the Mongolian government.

Why Mr S. Bayar doesn’t have the right to be the Mongolian ambassador to the UK.

By Gabo Ganbold.

  1. He was the Prime Minister of Mongolia during the period of 2007-2009. He is known to have bought at least 7 luxury houses in the US, each costing over $1 million, then selling them. Ms Uyanga G, who was a Member of  Parliament in 2012-2016, wanted this to be investigated by the Independent Authority Against Corruption of Mongolia but didn’t succeed.
  2. There has been news about 3 daughters of S. Bayar having offshore bank accounts. Now the corrupted group within the Parliament is working on adding laws or legislation stating that the offshore accounts are necessary.
  3. Whilst he was the Prime Minister, he manipulated the election results (1st of July 2008). The public was strongly against his wrong doing, resulting in protest at a later stage. War was declared and 5 innocent men were shot dead by the armed police officers in the UB streets. Under the name of quieting the protest, thousands of young people were beaten up, threatened, arrested and even imprisoned. From the lawyers point of view, the only person who had the right to give such orders to the police  was the Prime Minister (which was S. Bayar. at that time). Social scientists believe that this kind of action is normally taken in order to scare the public and it’s no surprise that S. Bayar denied any responsibility.
  1. S. Bayar is the leader and founder of the corrupt group within  Mongolian politics and therefore he has no right to represent the Mongolian people as an Ambassador.

A lot of people at the demonstrations asked us why we used a drying rod for clothes to hang our banners and we simply responded that ‘it is a way of symbolising the laundry movement for the corrupted Mongolian politics’

Ganbold Z.

Anti corruption in Mongolia

It’s estimated that corrupt politicians in Mongolia have over 13 TRILLION dollars in offshore accounts and assets around the world while at home children live down drains, families borrow money at extortionate rates for food, young people can’t wait to leave the country etc.
At the same time politicians go cap in hand to the IMF for more loans to salt away for themselves. Plus selling the environment to the highest bidder.
But the catalyst for this particular protest has been the appointment of the new ambassador to the UK, who is a main Godfather of the corruption. He’s now laundering his stolen money with London real estate. Mongolians are starting to wake up and say no 👎.

The WCA is partnering this new campaign, which has ambitions to spread into Mongolia and help a new generation of Mongolians learn to enact real democracy within the bounds of the laws and Constitution.