Mr S.Bayar was globetrotting when he should have been ambassadoring.


S. Bayar spent the last 5 weeks going back and forth from London to Ulaan Baatar to cobble together a law in collusion with all political parties, to protect himself from investigation over off-shore accounts. The new law was ratified last week, shunted to the top of the queue and rubber stamped in a hurry. Is this the normal work of an ambassador?

Obviously there’s another agenda and purpose for his being in the UK. If you think he’s not fit for purpose to represent Mongolia and promote Mongolian, not self interests, the petition below is an opportunity for you to show it, as in any working democracy.

At a recent Chamber of Commerce event, Mongolia being a democracy was mentioned a lot, especially by Mr Bayar. Western investors like to put money into free countries. The proof that it really is will be by getting over 10,000 signatures on the various petitions! Mr Bayar will surely welcome such great evidence of Mongolia’s thriving democracy, to back up his words!


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