Mr S Bayar tries very hard to dodge the main issues.




Ms Ichko Gombordorj holds some of the petitions which total over 8000 Mongolians who support Mr Bayar to leave the UK as not fit for purpose as ambassador. The main issue of Money Laundering is still pending. 17 to 20 Billion US Dollars unaccounted for off-shore, plus a minimum 10 houses in the USA and  suspected multi million pound properties in London quickly bought and sold at a huge loss by Mr Bayar’s daughters. Other enquiries in Mongolia are still pending too.

To try and deflect attention from these main issues, the Mongolian embassy has written an official letter stating that 3 members of the ‘Mongolian Laundry Movement’, dedicated to Spring Clean political corruption are not worthy to speak of such things.

The letter states that because Ms Ichko Gombordorj the founder and Ms Odno Erdene were previously married to British citizens, they have no right to speak about Mongolian affairs. Never mind they are born and bred Mongolian and hold Mongolian passports. This means in effect that any Mongolian around the world, or indeed inside Mongolia, who finds a partner of another race ceases to be a real Mongolian and doesn’t qualify to have an opinion on Mongolia! This is extremely racist, insulting and offensive! Such an outrageous assertion might well fall under the category of ‘hate crime’. Perhaps Mr Bayar doesn’t know that the UK is a real democracy, not a fake one like Mongolia appears to be. In a real democracy, racist defamation is punishable by law.

The third person mentioned in this letter by name as not qualified to talk about Mongolia is myself. The reason given is not that I’m not Mongolian but rather that I am associated with the Unification Movement. Actually, I’m not in that organisation now, since the unity movement I joined became a religion,  though I haven’t lost the ideals of peace learned there. Even if I was in it though, what difference would that make to the issues at hand? None at all.

Mr Bayar likes to refer to people who courageously speak out against his autocratic ways and corrupt policies as ‘barking dogs’. This is the contempt he has for his own people.

The truth is, the more he tries to dodge the main issues, the more they will become chains and millstones to drag him down.


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