Congo’s President Joseph Kabila’s personal and family business interests are the root cause of the killings and kidnaps taking place in the DRC

IMG-20180423-WA0009Because of the corruption in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the normal system of social service and infrastructure has broken down. The Goma area in the North East, has seen a spate of kidnappings in the past months, including the well publicised one of two British tourists. No publicity is given to the native Congolese who are held, tortured and whose families have to pay to get them back. The ransom demands are outrageously high and usually have to involve the selling of property and land if any is available. There is strong circumstantial evidence that the police and army are complicit with the criminals, which is why the amounts have to be so high, with so many people to pay off. President Kabila is only interested in preserving his financial empire and the position of power as long as possible. Which is why he is not interested in a rule of law and checks on authority. The only thing important to him is the loyalty of the police and army, thus giving them free reign to extort from the people. His and his direct relative’s business networks extend into every area of the Congo. These have now been exposed by the Pulitzer Centre:-

The world needs to know the depths of his self interest at the expense of his country’s future, so he can be persuaded to stand down as soon as possible and the police and army are reformed to serve and protect the people according to their mandate.

The photo is of a kidnapping gone wrong. Taken in April 2018, it involves WCA volunteers. Two have been killed and one was released after torture, on payment of $3000, negotiated down from the original demand of $20,000. IMG-20180423-WA0004


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