Events for Peace with music, dance, costume and art. Supporting self empowerment and sustainable projects . At present we have held almost 20 events in London, bringing together diverse cultures on one stage. Showing support for suppressed people, in 2013 we held a ‘Concert for a Free China’ in Central London, which included performance and testimony from Inner Mongolia, Tibet, the Falun Gong, Uhygurs and others.

We have an active group in Goma, the Congo who run a shelter for small orphans and counselling centre for war abused women. They also explain universal principles of peace, are forming a Peace Orchestra and are initiating boys and girls soccer teams. A shipment of 2300 Kgs of food for the orphans has just been collected from a UN agency. Plans for peace events in the Philippines, Mongolia and Russia are going forward for 2017 and 2018.