Indonesia in Harmony: Brilliant Bali, Jewel of Indonesia

Web page for Bali is now online!

Part of the WCA project ‘Songs of Peace (In a Restless World)


Indonesia in Harmony

Indonesia in Harmony!

New WCA project ‘Indonesia in Harmony’ is underway

With 18,000 islands and 400 ethnic groups, 266 million people have a wonderful mix of cultures.

WCA will hold events eventually large but starting small, to link the people in Indonesia with common bonds of art, music, dance, love of nature and food!

WCA Philippines Livelihood Project in Palawan

Working with indiginous families in the highlands of Palawan, showing farming techniques. Also helping to develop  tourism and sustainable projects, allowing them to send their children to school and keep their traditional values and way of life.

WCA representative Sisang de la Cruz with Denn Monio started phase 1 by and holding a workshop and giving donated seeds, The project was formerly run by World Vision but because of various communication difficulties, was stopped. Sisang is working to renew these ties and together with local agencies and government, fulfill the original aims for the people.

Phase 2 will begin with Sisang’s visit in Mid Febrary 2019.

Congo’s President Joseph Kabila’s personal and family business interests are the root cause of the killings and kidnaps taking place in the DRC

IMG-20180423-WA0009Because of the corruption in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the normal system of social service and infrastructure has broken down. The Goma area in the North East, has seen a spate of kidnappings in the past months, including the well publicised one of two British tourists. No publicity is given to the native Congolese who are held, tortured and whose families have to pay to get them back. The ransom demands are outrageously high and usually have to involve the selling of property and land if any is available. There is strong circumstantial evidence that the police and army are complicit with the criminals, which is why the amounts have to be so high, with so many people to pay off. President Kabila is only interested in preserving his financial empire and the position of power as long as possible. Which is why he is not interested in a rule of law and checks on authority. The only thing important to him is the loyalty of the police and army, thus giving them free reign to extort from the people. His and his direct relative’s business networks extend into every area of the Congo. These have now been exposed by the Pulitzer Centre:-

The world needs to know the depths of his self interest at the expense of his country’s future, so he can be persuaded to stand down as soon as possible and the police and army are reformed to serve and protect the people according to their mandate.

The photo is of a kidnapping gone wrong. Taken in April 2018, it involves WCA volunteers. Two have been killed and one was released after torture, on payment of $3000, negotiated down from the original demand of $20,000. IMG-20180423-WA0004

Mongolia’s President is trying to remove the corrupt head of it’s own anti-corruption agency!

The news reported by Transparency International is slightly wrong, the President is trying oust the corrupt head of the anti-corruption agency,  not neuter the agency. This misunderstanding would be the result of  misinformation by corrupt individuals!

Thousands of Yazidi people have been affected by ISIS attempts at genocide, especially women and girls. Yazda is giving them hope again.


In August 2014, the Islamic State abducted thousands of Yazidi women and girls, who were subjected to rape, violence, forced conversions to Islam, and married to ISIS militants. These atrocious acts were part of an attempt of the Islamic State to eliminate Yazidi culture. Many women have now been released or escaped while others remain in the hands of ISIS/ISIL. These survivors of captivity and enslavement require a significant amount of psychological support and care. Since early 2015, Yazda has run a case management program to assist survivors. A Women’s Center has been established that runs weekly support groups, baking classes, handicraft classes, gives one-on-one psychological support, and provides material aid. A case manager is assigned to each woman, who tracks her progress and monitors needs. To date, Yazda has assisted over 1050 survivors of enslavement and captivity.Yazda also maintains one of the largest databases of women held by ISIS/ISIL. Through this database, women are tracked and provided services by both Yazda and government authorities.

China is concerned how the wider world views Tibet, so tries to manipulate and suppress the truth by all means. Rewarding snitchers is the latest effort.

monk arrestGetty

People who speak out on behalf of the Dalai Lama face being arrested

Tibetan police are urging the public to inform on people they suspect of being supporters of the Dalai Lama and his “evil forces” across the region.

In a circular, Tibet’s public security bureau pledged to protect the identities of people who became police informers.

Tibet, which borders India and Nepal, is an autonomous region that Beijing considers Chinese territory. The Chinese government despises the Dalai Lama, Tibet’s spiritual leader, whom it believes is a separatist extremist.

The memo asked the public to report “criminal gangs connected to the separatist forces of the Dalai Lama”. It added: “Criminal gangs are cancers on healthy economic and social development, and gangsters are a chronic disease that severely disgusts the public.”

The wording of the notice appeared to suggest that anyone raising funds for Dalai Lama-approved causes could be breaking the law. It asked the public for tip-offs about “criminal gangs that raise funds and collect fines illegally, and force the public to pay money and provide financial support to a Dalai group.”