XiXi Ping’s hard line towards faith to be continued.

The term Sinosization gained a new political meaning in 2016. In late April, 2016, Xi presided over a working conference on national religious affairs, making him the first Chinese president to do so in over ten years. The last time a president personally attended such a conference was in 2001, when then-President Jiang Zemin decided to crack down on “cults” after the Tiananmen Square self-immolation incident related to Fanlun Gong. Xi’s attendance at the conference significantly raised the importance of religious affairs on the CCP’s agenda. During the conference, Xidemanded that China should “actively guide religions to adapt to the socialist society.”

Xi said that the key to the CCP’s policy on religious affairs is “the way of guidance,” which should be “effective, powerful, and proactive.” Chinese youth in particular, Xi said, must be guided to “believe in science, study science, spread science, and to have a correct worldview.” As for CCP members, they “should be firm Marxist atheists and must never find their values and beliefs in any religion,” Xi added.

The just finished CCP conference reinforced and accelerated this attitude.


Mongolian ambassador to the UK has Presidential recall: meanwhile protests resume in London about corruption.

The newly elected President of Mongolia is listening to the voices of thousands of Mongolians around the world and has recalled the newly elected ambassador to the UK. Mr S. Bayar should return to Mongolia, to clear up multiple allegations of money laundering and corruption.

Urgent answers required to urgent off-shore questions.

UBdemo3The election is here and most people know about the central issue that was avoided by the major politicians. Evidence is there but not officially examined, interim laws were hurridly passed to protect hidden assets. This issue is central because trust is the most important thing. The people need to know that their elected politicians are going to put the interests of the country before their personal interest.

The corrupt Mongolian politicians can’t handle the message, so try to discredit the messengers.

The message for Mongolia is :  Protect your democracy now, before it’s too late!!

The messengers are becoming unpopular with the destroyers of that democracy.

It’s natural enough because all their ill-gotten gains are threatened when the Mongolian people WAKE UP!!

The world needs an example of good people who will say no to corruption, bribery and blackmail, making free elections impossible. The Mongolian people ARE good people!

The false allegations being spread about the messengers will only serve to reinforce the message!

Save Mongolian Democracy Now!

No signature on a letter means scared people wanting to hide wrote it.


A gentleman from the Mongolian embassy delivered a carefully typed document saying how they hope the Laundry Movement doesn’t interfere with the day today workings of government. But he forgot to sign it! Nobody signed it…it’s a letter from no-one. They hide anonymously behind officialdom while truth shines out clearer than ever! Dishonest money stolen from the country must be returned! Mr Bayar must clear his name and stop pretending everything’s fine, It’s not fine. The only way normal business can be resumed with the UK is without Mr Bayar representing Mongolia!

Letter to the IMF concerning Mongolia

Dear sir,

For your information, I’m sending you this link of the largest demonstration against corruption to be held in Mongolia in the past 20 years, which took place last Friday.

It was non-political and not reported by any national media or TV.


Unless the recent past is faced properly, it’s hard to see a way forward. The social conditions are not going to get better with the same people at the helm, colluding with each other as they have always done. Mr Bayar is key in this, because he represents a culture of financial corruption that goes all the way down the line. The evidences are solid enough not to simply go away. He needs to clear his name or not by investigation from a neutral body before Mongolia can move on. His four years diplomatic immunity in the UK will only stagnate things further. At the moment, the general perception among Mongolians is that any IMF money will just continue to feed the corruption, not the country, no matter how strict the conditions are. Any investigation of Mr Bayar however, will unravel top layers of bad practice, bringing fresh air and fresh people who can appreciate what is being done for their country by the international community.

Please forgive my speaking frankly, it’s out of concern for those homeless children we spoke of and the next generations who deserve to have something to be proud of about Mongolia.

Thank you very much,

Peter Grahamchamber6a