Open letter to the IMF concerning Mongolia.

Open letter to the IMF                                                                                                 6th April 2017
Dear sir,
For your information, I’m sending you this link of the largest demonstration against corruption to be held in Mongolia in the past 20 years, which took place last Friday.
It was non-political and not reported by any national media or TV.

This demonstration is about exposing off-shore accounts and shows that the people have reached a tipping point. Unless the recent past is faced up to properly, it’s hard to see a way forward for Mongolia .

The social conditions are not going to get better with the same people at the helm, government and opposition, colluding with each other. In this situation, self interest will always win over national interest.
Mr Bayar is key in this, because he represents the development of a culture of financial corruption that goes all the way down the pyramid of officialdom. The evidences for this are solid enough to ensure they will not simply go away.  He needs to clear his name (or not) by investigation from a neutral body before Mongolia can move on. Four years  of diplomatic immunity as Ambassador to the UK will only stagnate things further.
At the moment, the general perception among ordinary Mongolians is that any IMF money will just continue to feed the corruption, no matter how strict the conditions are. A forensic investigation into off-shore and other financial dealings however, will unravel layers of bad practice, bringing fresh air and fresh people, who can appreciate what is being done for their country by the international community.

I hope you will pardon my frank speaking, it’s out of concern for those homeless children on rubbish tips we spoke of and of course the next generations, who deserve to have something to be proud of about Mongolia, now and into the future.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Graham

World Culture Association



Inappropriate Mongolian Ambassador to the UK.

monlaundThe campaign continues to get the Mongolian government to reconsider their appointment of Mr S. Bayar as Ambassador to the UK. How can he be a good representative, with an enquiry into his alleged money laundering, backed  up by considerable circumstantial and investigative evidence, on hold, plus the pending investigation into the fatal shooting of 5 peaceful demonstrators in 2008, during his tenure as Prime Minister. Four year’s diplomatic immunity might suit him very well but what good will it do Mongolia? A forward looking country doesn’t need a lame duck Ambassador to one of the leading developed nations. A petition to have him removed has gained over 1000 signatures. The Mongolian people don’t want him here, the British diplomatic community don’t need him either.

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